Welcome to Koeki Shadan Hojin IndianCommerce and Industry Association Japan (ICIJ)

Koeki Shadan Hojin Indian Commerce and Industry Association Japan (KSHICIJ) was established 94 years ago as Shadan Hojin Indian Merchant Association of Yokohama (IMAY). We are nonprofit Public Interest Incorporated Association affiliated with all major Commerce and Industry institution.. The membership comprises several of the largest corporate groups with business operations all over India and abroad. We engage as an apex body for friendship, goodwill, economic, cultural exchanges, mutual understanding between India and Japan.

Indo-Japanese trade, economic and investment potential has expanded significantly. With the recent successful signing of Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) it is expected that the trade figures will increase in the coming years. We offer our comprehensive services to Japanese manufacturers, general contractors and other investors in cooperation with other institutions for fruition of India Japan economic agenda.

As one of the most pro-active public body in Japan, we organize trade fairs and exhibitions; we have been privileged to interact and host several of the esteemed dignitaries and privileged guests. We retain the character of being the premier public body of senior industry leaders forming our core of Executive Committee and the Governing Board. Our enlightened leadership and membership has enabled us to move ahead and respond pro-actively to the dynamic changes that have taken place in Japan with a vision for the future.

Leading industrial promotion organizations, banks and financial institutions, as well as governmental organizations, are members who lend a diversified membership base. We also derive our strength and sustenance from the representative national character of our constituents. Another distinguishing feature is that industrialists and owners of leading corporate entities are themselves members and responsible for charting our policies.

Indeed, our forte has always been our ability to move with the times, anticipate the needs of the future and suggest pro-active measures for furthering Indian business and industry. It has always been alive to the pulse of the environment in which it operates.

Through the enlightened leadership, its powerful and progressive membership of important companies and its professional secretariat, we have adapted to the changes in the global order and is moving ahead with confidence to meet the challenges of the 21st century